Photo Experience Days by Michael Palmer Photography
"The Birds" Photo Experience Days

As the event title suggests, we'll be mostly photographing birds.   You'll need a long ish telephoto lens (300mm or higher), or one of those compact cameras with a crazy zoom (x30 or thereabouts).  

While you don't need a fancy camera, what you will need is some patience and perhaps a bag of bird seed.

Events will be around 2/3 hours in duration.

Event Location: 
Various locations - but normally somewhere around the New Forest.


Please contact me via my contact page

Please note:

  • Obviously we'll be dealing with wild creatures, and you never know what they might or might not do.    I'll only ever run these PED's where I've had a high hit rate on previous occasions.
  • This will be a fair weather PED so if the forecast looks wet / windy, it'll be rescheduled.

Recommended equipment:

  • A telephoto lens - somewhere around 300mm will be fine, but if you have something longer, bring it.
  • Extra camera batteries
  • A monopod or tripod will make things easier, but isn't essential