Photo Experience Days by Michael Palmer Photography
Five Part Workshop Series

Following on from a workshop for the Waterside Arts Festival in the summer, I've been asked to create a five part workshop series.

Night Photography in Southampton
Light trails and long exposures in the centre of Southampton

Fungi in the New Forest
An afternoon crawling around in the New Forest searching for mushrooms & toadstools to photograph.

Street Photography in Southampton
Shooting from the hip to capture what happens in Southampton on a Saturday afternoon.

We'll be using each other as subjects for this portrait session.

Bird Photography in the New Forest
Birds birds and more birds!

Each session will be around 2 hours long, and if possible ending with a de-brief at a nearby pub/cafe.

25 per session or 100 for all five.

Weds 27th Sept - Night in Southampton
Sun 15th Oct - Birds in New Forest
Sat 21st Oct - Street in Southampton
Sun 5th Nov - Fungi in New Forest
Sat 11th Nov - Portraits in Hythe

Equipment Required
Tripod will be essential for the night photography workshop.
A telephoto lens (300mm and up) will be needed for the bird workshop.
Some kind of lighting (torch, LED panel, phone) will be helpful for the fungi workshop.

Contact me
to discuss and make a booking.