Photo Experience Days by Michael Palmer Photography
London at Night Photo Experience Days

No London PED is the same.  Some last all night (literally from sunset to sunrise), but most will take place over a few hours in the afternoon / evening.  Locations will vary, but will always be in central London.

All levels of abilities are welcome - although this event is aimed at photographers with a little bit of experience in night photography.   This session leads on from the Night PED - Taster Session - Part 2, which normally takes place in Southampton.


(Additional costs, eg food, drink, travel are not included)

Event dates:
Visit the Events page for the latest dates. 

Please contact me via the contact page

Start times will vary depending on time of year and what time it gets dark, and the event normally runs for around 3-5 hours, including a short stop for drinks.

What will be covered:
Manual mode - using Shutter, Aperture, and ISO
White balance - the effect it can make on your photographs
Manual Focus - Sometimes for a tricky subject, it's best to manually focus the lens
Composition - Some basic tips to help achieve a nicely balanced photograph

In addition if you have any specific questions, I'll be there to help throughout the evening.

Recommended equipment
Digital camera (ideally SLR or mirrorless), or a compact camera with manual options 
A "normal" kit lens type zoom is perfect for this PED. (18-55mm / 24-70mm zooms are ideal)
Extra camera battery as some cameras tend to eat batteries while doing long exposures.
A tripod is essential for this PED
A remote cable trigger will make things easier
A torch is likely to prove useful.