Photo Experience Days by Michael Palmer Photography
Taster PED - Part 1 (Daytime)

The PED formally known as the New Forest PED.

Since Photo Experience Days started in January 2012 I've run over 350 New Forest PEDs, with the vast majority of them in Lyndhurst / Boltons Bench, and so without question this is my most popular PED, and is the normal introductory route most people come on first.

All levels of abilities welcome.

The experience will start at 1pm, and run through till around 3pm.

Most of these days will run from Lyndhurst, which is the perfect location, easy to get to from the M27 and with a good variety of subjects without so much walking.

I will be on hand to answer questions, and to help you get the best from your camera.

While this session is aimed at beginners, it can be enjoyed by anyone, including those wanting to get out and socialise with other like minded people. Over the day we'll cover white balance, aperture & shutter priority modes, ISO, exposure compensation, manual focusing / macro. You'll also have several "projects" to keep you thinking throughout the day.

Hints & Tips:
Of course we’re hoping for sunny days, but this is England so it could do anything. The days will run whatever the weather, so please come prepared. 

Professional “rain coats” for cameras can be purchased, but a plastic bag and a couple of elastic bands will do a pretty good job at keeping things dry.

Another thing we’d recommend to bring is a waterproof blanket (I’ve seen these on sale at the Pound shops) or a large heavy duty bin bag. 

Make sure you charge up all your batteries and bring extra memory cards.

Timings are approximate & may change depending on weather.

Event dates:
Please visit the Event Dates page for more information.


Please contact me via my contact page.

What will be covered:

White balance - the effect it can make on your photographs
Exposure Compensation - How to quickly alter exposure for when the camera gets it wrong
Aperture - Changing depth of field to exaggerate background blur etc
Shutter Speed - It's not always about freezing movement, sometimes it's good to show it
Manual Focus - Sometimes for a tricky subject, it's best to manually focus the lens
Composition - Some basic tips to help achieve a nicely balanced photograph

In addition if you have any specific questions, I'll be there to help throughout the day.

Recommended equipment (but not necessarily essential)

Digital camera (ideally SLR or mirrorless), or a bridge / compact camera with manual options 
It doesn't matter what lenses you have, we'll make good use of them regardless
Extra camera battery
Spare memory card
Appropriate clothing & footwear

NB. A tripod is not required.

Some compact and bridge cameras do not offer the ability to go into some manual modes - ie Aperture (A/Av) and Shutter (S/Tv) priority. While you can still enjoy the day with a more basic camera, you will of course get more out of the day if you have a camera that offers these options. If you are in any doubt, get in touch with the make and model of your camera. 

Group Size:  Under 10 people.