Photo Experience Days by Michael Palmer Photography
Wire Wool Photo Experience Evening

Setting fire to wire wool, then spinning it around your head and flinging out thousands of tiny molten balls of metal towards everyone else. What could possibly go wrong?

Thankfully with a bit of common sense all of my Wire Wool PED's so far have been incident free, and I intend to make it stay that way.

Everyone attending will be expected to be fully "health and safetied up". Which basically means covering up as much skin as possible - hat, safety goggles, gloves... all preferably non-synthetic and hence less lightly to spontaneously combust. 

Group size will be limited to 6 people per session.

Location will be near to Southampton. 


Event dates:
Please visit the event dates page for more information.

Start times will vary depending on time of year and what time it gets dark, but all events will run between 2.5 and 3 hours.

Please contact me via my contact page.

You will need a tripod for this event.
A normal "kit" lens is normally the perfect lens - 18-55mm or something close works well for the distances we'll be working at.

Everyone will have a go at "spinning", so you are going to need a few bits... everyone attending should have their own protective gear :

safety glasses (clear vision ski mask is perfect for this)
UV filter for your lens (I've read internet stories of wire wool destroying the front lens element, although I've never seen it happen.)

If possible please wear non-synthetic fabric.